New York City

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some ~featured~ picks


16 W 22nd St, Flatiron

Korean Steakhouse

What I love: the Butcher's Feast is an incredible value, as it comes with four cuts of beef, a fluffy egg souffle, two stews, and soft serve; if you plan to order a la carte, my favorite cut is the USDA prime galbi (marinated shortrib)

Jeju Noodle Bar

679 Greenwich St, West Village

Korean Cuisine

What I love: toro ssam bap (the perfect bowl doesn't exi- let me stop you there and tell you about what this bowl contains: fatty tuna, uni, golden osetra caviar), jeju fried chicken (crispy & juicy), and the wagyu ramyun


27 E 20th St, Flatiron

Northern Italian Cuisine

What I love: literally all the pasta dishes... but if I had to choose, here's what I would recommend -- spaghetti allo scoglio (squid ink spaghetti), gnocchi del bosco, and of course, if there's one pasta dish you need to try in your lifetime, it is the uovo raviolo di nino bergese (one large raviolo stuffed with an herbed ricotta filling and a beautiful raw egg yolk to add to the richness)


138 W 32nd St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

What I love: as a bulgogi-speciality restaurant hailing from its original location in Seoul in 1963, it should come as no surprise that their Seoul-style bulgogi is one of the best out there (plus, as an added bonus, they crack in eggs into the sauce, soaking up all the flavor); other than this star dish, the pine nut gochujang-glazed abalone and soy sauce marinated crab were also an incredible additions to the meal

Izakaya Toribar

164 E 56th St, Midtown East

Japanese Cuisine 

What I love: their tsukune (chicken meatball) with egg yolk and sweet dipping sauce is to die for and the best ones I've ever had; cooked tuna & mayo onigiri (rice ball) is also very tasty and well-seasoned


162 Orchard St, Lower East Side

Japanese Cuisine

What I love: prix fixe 5-course dinner with incredibly authentic japanese dishes; friendliest waitstaff; one of my happiest dining experience


243 E 58th St, Midtown East

Korean Cuisine

What I love: premium chest comes with six courses: Caviar (Kaviari - Baeri - bright & briny), Carabinero Shrimp (yuzu gochujang cocktail sauce), Oysters (house chojung, watercress), Hudson Valley Duck (smoked honey, maldon salt), American Wagyu (45 day dry aged), Anto Galbi (Anto marinade); granded seafood rice (roasted fish of the day, spotted prawn, garlic chive)

Antoya Korean BBQ

37 W 32nd St, Koreantown

Korean Cuisine

What I love: galbi (marinated beef short rib) had the perfect balance of tender meat and flavorful marinade; chadol buchu (sliced brisket and chive) is also a great combo


679 9th Ave, Hell's Kitchen

Korean Cuisine

What I love:  as the name is inspired by the Korean word for roll, this restaurant has a tasting menu inspired by fresh Korean hand rolls 


36 E 22nd St, Flatiron

Korean Cuisine

What I love:  the 7-course tasting menu features a "caviar kim" and "galbi & chan" with high quality ingredients and powerful flavors

Trust Bae

1204 Broadway, Koreatown

Filipino Japanese Cuisine

What I love:  the 16-course menu is not-your-typical Japanese omakase; Philippines-born Chef Frances Tariga (as seen on Top Chef, Chopped, and Beat Bobby Flay) creates her own take with traditional Filipino dishes/flavors (slow-braised oxtail lumpia, kinalaw pod with house citrus ponzu, and coconut sticky rice & king crab binalot)

Sixty Three Clinton

63 Clinton St, Lower East Side

New American Cuisine

What I love:  the 7-course tasting menu offers a bang-for-your-buck deal at $92 (excluding add-ons) with admirable depth of flavors and impressive ingredient pairings. With both chefs, Sam Clonts and Raymond Trinh, having previously worked at Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare and Bar Uchu, every dish feels thoughtfully and creatively crafted. While I thoroughly enjoyed every dish, one standout was the breakfast taco featuring smoked trout roe, ajitama, hash brown and salsa verde

Don Angie

103 Greenwich Ave, West Village

Italian Restaurant

What I love:  lasagna for two (aka, the lasagna pinwheels) -- each piece features a perfect bite: crispy top layer, homemade bolognese encased in soft pasta sheets, and dollops of light robiola cheese

4 Charles Prime Rib

4 Charles St, West Village


What I love:  4 Charles cut (Gorgonzola aged prime rib with horseradish cream and natural beef jus), 10oz double wagyu cheeseburger (griddled and pressed snake river farms wagyu with american cheese, pickles, and dijonnaise), truffle mac & cheese


119 1st Ave, East Village

Korean Cuisine

What I love:  hap-cheon pork soup (subtle yet flavorful clear pork broth with various cuts of pork served with an onion chive salad), scallop DIY gimbap (fresh scallops, squid jeotgal, scallion mayo, apple kimchi, gim), dolsot al-bap (hot stone bibimbap with medley of fish roe, sea urchin cream), fried soft shell crab (served with a scallion yuja aioli), steamed monkfish, spicy pork with fried squid


128 Madison Ave, NoMad

Korean Cuisine

What I love:  hojok galbi (korean-style short rib steak served with a scallion salad and galbi sauce) garlic pork jowl (braised pork jowl served with radish kimchi, spicy celery pickle and scallion ssamjang), ramyun fried rice (fried rice made with cup noodles, and bacon served with chili oil and scallions), perilla oil noodle (cold buckwheat noodles tossed with wild perilla oil and house-blend soy sauce. Topped with scallion, red onion and chili pepper)


29 E 32nd St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

What I love:  spicy fried chicken (legitimately the best fried chicken I have ever had... like ever ever), mung bean pancake, galbi-jjim (extremely flavorful), mushroom sotbap, pyongyang cold noodle, scallop (refreshing appetizer), buckwheat ice cream (with corn crème brûlée)

Tatiana by Kwame Onwuachi

10 Lincoln Center Plaza, Upper West Side

Afro-Caribbean Cuisine

What I love: deemed "best new restaurant in NYC" by New York Times critic Pete Wells and "Resy One To Watch" by The World's 50 Best Restaurants, Tatiana by Chef Kwame already has many accolades less than a year into opening (in November 2022). I wanted to try everything on the menu, but ended up settling on these dishes: curried goat patties (with green seasoning aioli and mango chutney), mind-blowingly tender braised oxtails (with rice & peas, thumbelina carrot, and chayote squash), short rib pastrami suya (featuring boneless wagyu short rib, caraway coco bread and melted red cabbage) and the bodega special for dessert (cosmic brownie and powdered donut ice cream)


315 5th Ave #3FL, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

What I love:  potentially... better... than... Cote?

Double Chicken Please

115 Allen St, Lower East Side

Cocktail Bar

What I love:  ranked #1 on the world's 50 best bars in 2023, DCP is both known for its creative cocktails (we tried "Japanese cold noodle", "cold pizza" and "mango sticky rice"), as well as its eponymous chicken sandwich (I am still dreaming about the thai basil aioli sauce that comes with the hot honey flavor; if you're not feeling as hungry, you can snack on some popcorn chicken with the same sauce!)

some of my favorite fine dining spots when you are feeling fancy

Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Ave, Flatiron

American Fine Dining


2 Harrison St, Tribeca

Korean Cuisine

Le Bernardin

155 W 51st St, Midtown

French Cuisine

Chef's Table At Brooklyn Fare

431 W 37th St, Midtown West

French & Asian Cuisine

Kaiseki Room by Yamada

145 W 53rd St, Midtown

Japanese Cuisine


77 Worth St, Tribeca

New American Fine Dining

The Modern

9 W 53rd St, Midtown

French/New American


228 E 10th St, East Village

Japanese Kaiseki


412 Greenwich St, Tribeca


some of my go-to japanese spots


49 Clinton St, Lower East Side

Japanese Cuisine


17 E 48th St, Midtown East

Japanese Cuisine


237 Kent Ave, Williamsburg

Japanese Cuisine


35 W 35th St, Koreatown

Japanese Cuisine

What I love: their brunch menu! particularly the yum cha set, which comes with sui gyoza, roast beef, eel canape, mentai omelette, ebi mayo, goma hamachi, kara age, bloomed tomato, kani harumaki, kakuni buns, ping lady roll, and choice of tea

Prime Meat Rokko

783 9th Ave, Hell's Kitchen

Japanese Cuisine

Shabushabu Mayumon

115 Division St, Lower East Side

Japanese Cuisine


141 W 41st St, Midtown

Japanese Cuisine

Tomi Jazz

239 E 53rd, Midtown East

Japanese Cuisine

Sip & Guzzle

29 Cornelia St, West Village

Japanese Cuisine

What I love: popular hot spot opened by the alums from Angel’s Share, Employees Only, and Alinea in Chicago; great drinks and electric chicken was so crispy, juicy and flavorful (drizzled with chili oil so they give you gloves and scissors to use)


339 E 75th St, Upper East Side

Japanese Cuisine


311 W 17th St, Chelsea

Japanese Cuisine

Rule of Thirds

171 Banker St, Greenpoint

Japanese Cuisine


32 St Marks Pl, East Village

Japanese Cuisine

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

2151 Lemoine Ave, Fort Lee

Sushi Bar

Nami Nori

33 Carmine St, West Village

Japanese Cuisine

Mari.Ne Handroll

135 W 41st St, Midtown

Sushi Bar 

What I love: cute spot, easy to get a reservation, and fresh handrolls with delicious sauces to go with it; top 3 favorite handrolls: soy bulgogi (didn't plan to like it but loved it), confit spicy tuna, and salmon

The Chemistry Room

130 W 47th St, Midtown

Sushi Bar 

Sushi of Gari

370 Columbus Ave, Upper West Side

Sushi Bar

OMakase by Korami

400 W 50th St, Hell's Kitchen

Japanese Cuisine

Sushi Lab

132 W 47th St, Midtown West

Japanese Cuisine

Okozushi by Mezumi

376 Graham Ave, Williamsburg

Japanese Cuisine

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa

33 E 20th St, Flatiron

Japanese Cuisine


157 E 53rd St, Midtown East

Handroll Bar

Yakitori Torishin

362 W 53rd St, Midtown West

Japanese Cuisine

Yakitori Totto

251 W 55th St 2/F, Midtown West

Japanese Cuisine

Yakiniku Futago

37 W 17th St, Flatiron

Japanese Cuisine


321 W 44th St #103, Midtown West

Japanese Cuisine


102 Suffolk St, Lower East Side

Japanese Cafe


11 E 47th St, Midtown East

Japanese Cuisine

J's Kitchen

261 1st Ave, Stuy Town

Japanese Cuisine

some korean spots in ktown


10 E 33rd St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

Oiji Mi

17 W 19th St, Flatiron

Korean Cuisine


110 Madison Ave, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine


11 E 30th St, Midtown East

Korean Cuisine


1 E 32nd St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine


84 Stanton St, Lower East Side

Korean Cuisine

What I love: littleneck soojebi (littleneck clams, potato soojebi, black pepper soy sauce, butter scallion pepper broth), dakgalbi kimchi-bap (gochujang marinated chicken over cheesy kimchi rice)


43 E 28th St, Nomad

Korean Cuisine

Five Senses

9 W 32nd St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

What I love: sogalbijjim (braised boneless prime short ribs, carrot, radish, dates, chestnut, jalapeno in a soy reduction), jae yook bokum (spicy marinated berkshire pork loin stir-fried on a sizzling pan), ojing-eo bokum (stir fried squid with vegetables and noodle in a house special gochujang sauce)

Cho Dang Gol

55 W 35th St, Midtown West

Korean Cuisine


32 W 32nd St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine


12 E 32nd St Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

What I love: beautiful cozy atmosphere with traditional decor serving an all vegetarian menu; Hangawi hot stone bowl with multigrain rice had a nice assortment of vegetables and came with some kimchi and mild kimchi, korean pancakes platter includes three different flavors of savory pancakes and three sauces (leek, kimchi mushroom, and kobucha pumpkin)


15 E 31st St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

Her Name is Han

17 E 31st St, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine

Sam Sunny

517 2nd Ave, Kips Bay

Korean Cuisine


13 E 30th St, Midtown East

Korean Cuisine

Joomak Banjum

312 5th Ave, Koreatown

Korean Cuisine


5 W 31st St, Koreatown

Korean Gastropub

some yum chinese food spots

Szechuan Mountain House

23 St Marks Pl, East Village

Szechuan Cuisine

Hwa Yuan

42 E Broadway, Chinatown

Szechuan Cuisine


133-36 37th Ave G17, Flushing

Beijing Cuisine


152A 2nd Ave, East Village

Chinese Cuisine

Spicy Village

68 Forsyth St B, Chinatown

Henan Cuisine

Nai Brother

27-17 42nd Rd, Long Island City

Chinese Sauerkraut Fish

Yunnan Rice Noodle House

53 Bayard St, Chinatown

Yunnan Cuisine

Wu's Wonton King

165 E Broadway, Chinatown

Cantonese Cuisine

Potluck Club

133 Chrystie St, Lower East Side

Cantonese-American Cuisine

Uncle Lou

73 Mulberry St, Chinatown

Cantonese Cuisine

What I love: crispy garlic duck

Big Wong

67 Mott St, Chinatown

Cantonese Cuisine

What I love: roast duck and soy sauce chicken (and roast pork) are my go-tos at this good reliable cantonese spot

Royal Seafood

103 Mott St, Chinatown

Dim Sum

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

13 Doyers St, Chinatown

Dim Sum

Shanghai You Garden

135-33 40th Rd, Flushing

Shanghainese Cuisine

What I love: scallion pancake with sliced beef, pan fried pork bun, soy peas, grandma style braised pork, braised spare ribs in wuxi style, braised deep fried round hoof, shredded pork & preserved vegetable noodle soup and then of course, the free xiao long bao!

Shanghai Time

273 W 38th St, Midtown

Shanghainese Cuisine

What I love: their sheng jian bao (panfried pork soup dumpling) is probably the best I've ever had... not too bread-y with flavorful and plentiful amount of soup inside and a crispy pan-fried bottom for that added texture; the scallion pancake with beef brisket was also surprisingly a standout, with perfect crispiness

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

24 W 33rd St, Koreatown

Shanghainese Cuisine

Tim Ho Wan

610 9th Ave, Midtown West

Dim Sum

Yin Ji Chang Fen

91 Bayard St, Chinatown

Rice Noodle / Cantonese Cuisine

What I love: a Guangzhou chain featuring delicious rice rolls and congee -- we got the beef & shrimp with chives rice roll and the pork liver congee on a cold rainy day and it was exactly what we needed


398 Manhattan Ave, Williamsburg

Cantonese-American Cuisine

What I love: x.o. cheung fun (seared rolled rice noodles, dried scallop-shrimp x.o. sauce, cured pork, bean sprouts + chives), chrysanthemum green salad (chrysanthemum leaves, greens, creamy soy sesame + crispy shallots)

Kong Sihk Tong

65 Bayard St, Chinatown

Cantonese Cuisine

Cha Kee

43 Mott St, Chinatown

Cantonese Cuisine

Da Long Yi Hot Pot

159 Canal St, 2/F, Chinatown

Hot Pot

Liuyishou Hot Pot

136-76 39th Ave, Flushing

Hot Pot

Haidilao Hot Pot

138-23 39th Ave, Flushing

Hot Pot

The Dolar Shop

55 3rd Ave, East Village

Hot Pot

when southeast asian food just hits the spot every time


88 University Pl, Union Square

Thai Cuisine

What I love: a diverse range of authentic dishes that makes me wanting to go back to try them all. Incredible service and unique large interior, and generally easy to get a reservation or walk-in

Pure thai Cookhouse

766 9th Ave #2, Midtown West

Thai Cuisine

What I love: nothing on this menu that I haven't loved, but my go-to would be the ratchaburi crab & pork dry noodles featuring an incredible handmade egg noodles


404 W 49th St, Hell's Kitchen

Thai Cuisine


20 Spring St, Nolita

Indonesian Cuisine

Thai Diner

186 Mott St, Nolita

Thai Cuisine

What I love: thai diner egg sandwich (egg, cheese, sai oua herbal sausage & thai basil wrapped in roti), thai disco fries (fries smothered in spicy massaman curry with red onion, peanuts & coconut cream), phat see ew 

The Tyger

1 Howard St, SoHo

Southeast Asian Cuisine


321 Starr St, Bushwick

Thai Cuisine


204 E 13th St, East Village

Thai Cuisine

Fish Cheeks

55 Bond St, NoHo

Thai Cuisine


749 9th Ave, Hell's Kitchen

Thai Cuisine

Three Roosters

23 Pell St, Chinatown

Thai Cuisine

West New Malaysia

69 Bayard St, Chinatown

Malaysian Cuisine

nothing beats a great plate of pasta

Via Carota

51 Grove St, West Village

Italian Cuisine

What I love:  while probably most well known for their tonnarelli cacio pepe, I would argue the must-get items on their menu are the insalata verde (I usually refuse to order salad when I dine out, but their sherry vinaigrette was just so addicting), the via carota svizzerina (hand-chopped grass-fed steak), and panna cotta; highly recommended date spot with intimate vibes and incredible service

I Sodi

314 Bleecker St, West Village

Italian Cuisine

What I love:  lasagna a sugo (house made pasta with sugo di carne bechamel and parmigiano), pappardelle al limone (house made pappardelle with lemon, pecorino sardo and black pepper), and pici pesto


181 Thompson St, Greenwich Village

Italian Cuisine

What I love: the iconic spicy rigatoni vodka and tortellini al ragu


228 W 10th St, West Village

Italian Cuisine

What I love: pici nero (crab, calabrian chili, garlic, tomato, nori breadcrumbs) - my absolute favorite with a delicious tomato-based sauce and lots of lump crab meat, ricotta & crackers (off menu special), rigatoni (rabbit ragu, basil, chilies, parmigiano), bucatini (pancetta, tomato, chilies, pecorino), olive oil cake (golden raisin marmellata, madeira, crème fraîche mousse)


567 Union Ave, Williamsburg

Italian Cuisine

What I love:  sheeps milk cheese filled agnolotti (this tube-shaped pasta is filled with a light, fluffy sheep’s milk cheese and served with an incredible honey-saffron butter sauce), malfadini with pink peppercorns (not as good as the agnolotti, but loved the texture of the squiggly-shaped noodles)


329 Kent Ave, Williamsburg

Italian Cuisine

What I love: spinach and mascarpone filled tortelli, brown butter, ricotta salata

Bad Roman

10 Columbus Cir, Upper West Side

Italian Cuisine

What I love:  this new Quality Branded restaurant (the restaurant group behind Don Angie) serves up a bold menu -- roasted garlic babka, black truffle whipped ricotta, spicy gem caesar, short rib pappardelle, rock shrimp chitarra, whole roasted 2lb lobster & calabrian pasta, tiramisu ice cream cake (I am obsessed), and lemon cheesecake (cutely shaped as a lemon!)

Fiaschetteria “Pistoia”

114 Christopher St, West Village

Italian Cuisine

What I love: very fresh homemade pasta with cozy vibes; ordered the tagliatella tartufo (homemade egg pasta with truffle; perfect creamy texture) and pappardelle al ragu (slow cooked beef ragu bolognese style)

Masseria Dei Vini

887 9th Ave, Midtown West

Italian Cuisine

Sant Ambroeus

200 Vesey St, Battery Park

Italian Cuisine


126 W 13th St,  Greenwich Village

Italian Cuisine

What I love: we went here for the "LOBSTER, BIG WINES, AND YOU LOOKING INTO MY EYES" three-course lobster dinner special, where we got a lobster bisque, lobster roll, and one of the fettuccine lobster / one of the king crab & truffle

Zero Otto Nove

2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx

Italian Cuisine

Trattoria Dell'Arte

900 7th Ave, Midtown

Italian Cuisine

some classic american eats

Dinosaur Bar-B-QUE

700 W 125th St, Harlem


What I love: ribssssssss

Sweet Chick

178 Ludlow St, Lower East Side

Chicken & Waffles

What I love: nashville hot chicken with classic belgian waffles

Au Cheval

33 Cortlandt Alley, Chinatown

American Restaurant

What I love: double cheeseburger featuring two beef patties with sharp American cheddar, pickles, onions and dijonnaise + top it off with their thick-cut bacon and farm egg

Maison Pickle

2315 Broadway, Upper West Side

American Restaurant

What I love: patty melt (Jacob’s beef burger blend, toasted buttermilk bread, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, Maison sauce, au jus, crispy onions, cole slaw, big dill pickles)

The Four Horsemen

295 Grand St, Williamsburg

New American

What I love: even if I told you what I enjoyed on their menu, this probably wouldn't help you because this restaurant changes up their menu very often; but not to worry, pretty much everything on their menu is delicious! cozy atmosphere and a great spot for a date night


47 E Houston St, Nolita

Contemporary American

Crown Shy

70 Pine Street, FiDi

New American Restaurant

The Noortwyck

289 Bleecker St, Greenwich Village

New American Restaurant

What I love: desserts were a standout (mille-feuille and the opera cake), plus the BBQ duck breast was delicious with a very crispy skin

Le Rock

45 Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown

French/American Restaurant


53 Water St, Dumbo

American Restaurant

What I love: raviolo al uovo (ricotta, meadow creek egg, guanciale, black pepper), anson mills farro piccolo (chanterelles, roasted corn, black truffle), vanilla panna cotta (strawberry, olive oil, sea salt, basil)

Catch NYC

21 9th Ave, Meatpacking

American Restaurant

Brooklyn Crab

24 Reed St, Red Hook

Seafood Restaurant

The Boil

139 Chrystie St, Lower East Side

Cajun Seafood Boil

Lure Fishbar

142 Mercer St, SoHo

Seafood Restaurant

Astoria Seafood

3710 33rd St, Astoria

Seafood Restaurant

What I love: all the food was great but honestly the best part was the experience of choosing your own fish and seafood (and then deciding how you want it cooked)! we got some fried calamari, red snapper and some grilled prawns


35 Downing St,  West Village

American Restaurant

What I love: ok so I know this is supposed to be a pizza place but I think the emmy double stack burger (dry-aged grass fed beef, emmy sauce, caramalized onion, american cheese and pickle on a pretzel bun) is my favorite item to get here

Burger & Lobster

132 W 43rd St, Midtown West

Burgers... and Lobsters...

Jacob's Pickles

509 Amsterdam Ave, Upper West Side

Southern Restaurant

Jackson's Eatery | Bar

10-37 Jackson Ave, Long Island City

American Restaurant

some of my favorite spots to get a warm bowl of noodles


342 E 6th St, East Village

Udon Shop

What I love: niku udon (broth is incredible and has a beautiful depth of flavor, plus it contains extremely tender beef short ribs, tendon, and honeycomb tripe), yaki nasu (deep fried eggplant, spicy miso pork, quail egg) is my favorite appetizer as it has great soft texture from the eggplant and rich flavor from the miso pork 


152 W 49th St, Midtown

Ramen Shop


251 W 55th St, Midtown West

Soba Noodle Shop

What I love: I get the cold soba noodle with grated yam (yamaimo) and poached egg pretty much every time because I love the unique slimy texture of the yamaimo with the noodles

Ho Foods

110 E 7th St, East Village

Taiwanese Cuisine

What I love: the beef noodle soup (classic red cooked taiwanese style beef noodle soup, beef shanks, bone broth with a little spiciness, scallion, cilantro, and house fermented mustard greens)


321 W 51st St, Midtown

Ramen Shop

Okiboru House of Tsukemen

117 Orchard St, Lower East Side

Ramen Shop

What I love:  spicy tsukemen (thick, bouncy noodles made in-house served with a rich and flavorful dipping broth, topped with a beautifully marinated soft boiled jammy egg, pork chashu, scallion and house-made chili paste)

Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie

21 E 16th St, Flatiron

Japanese Cuisine


330 8th Ave, Chelsea

Ramen Shop


22 Old Fulton St, Dumbo

Ramen Shop


229 E 9th St, East Village

Soba Shop

some of the best spots for a quick bite

Katz's Delicatessen

205 E Houston St, Lower East Side


GO! Go! Curry!

273 W 38th St, Midtown West

Japanese Curry

Jamrock Jerk

Food Cart - Check Website for Rotating Locations

Jamaican Cuisine

What I love: beef oxtails (seasoned and marinated with Jamaican herbs and spices, slow stewed to a soft and succulent perfection, served with rice & peas, fried plantains & salad)

Prince Street Pizza

27 Prince St A, Nolita

Pizza Shop

What I love: my preference for pizzas are really for thin crust slices, but I make an exception for Prince Street's spicy pepperoni (fra diavolo sauce, spicy pepperoni and fresh mozzarella)

Joe's Pizza

1435 Broadway, Midtown

Pizza Shop


261 Moore St, Bushwick

Pizza Shop

Vezzo NYC Thin Crust Pizza

176 Lexington Ave, Midtown East

Pizza Shop

Mei Lai Wah

62 Bayard St, Chinatown

Chinese Bakery

What I love: pineapple bun with roast pork (cha siu)

Lou Yau Kee

124 E 14th St, Union Square

Chicken Rice Shop

Los Tacos No.1

229 W 43rd St, Midtown

Taco Shop

What I love: after trying all their taco offerings, I have perfected by los tacos order and have not strayed from it ever since -- two adobada quesadillas with flour tortillas (the marinated pork is just so full of flavor, and while I used to always get the corn tortilla, I tried the soft flour tortillas one day and could never go back) 

Xi'an Famous Foods

38 E 23rd St, Flatiron

Chinese Cuisine

What I love: N1 spicy cumin lamb hand-ripped noodles (wide hand-ripped biang-biang noodles mixed with sauteed slices of spicy cumin lamb and the incredible soy sauce and black rice vinegar based sauce)

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou

295 Grand St, Chinatown

Fuzhou Cuisine

What I love: pork & chive dumplings (well-made, consistent, juicy, with a skin that has a little bite to it, and most amazingly at a great price -- what more can you ask for?)

Awesum DimSum

612 8th Ave, Midtown

Dim Sum

some of my absolute favorite dessert spots


Known For: Taiwanese-Inspired Pastries (e.g., Millet Mochi Donut, Custard Toast, Fan Tuan) 


Known For: Japanese and Matcha Desserts


Known For: Everything Mango!


Known For: Suprême Croissant


Known For: Shaved Ice, Asian Treats


Known For: Soft Serve


Known For: Sweet & Savory Baos


Known For: Brown Sugar Boba


Known For: Boba


Known For: Creative Asian-Inspired Desserts (e.g. Matcha Lava Cake)


Known For: Plant-Based Matcha Drinks & Soft Serve


Known For: Taiyaki


Known For: Chinese Baked Goods


Known For: Sponge Cake


Known For: Banana Pudding


Known For: Gelato


Known For: Ice Cream Dots


Known For: Gelato & Sorbet


Known For: Chocolate Cake


Known For: Tea, Cakes, Desserts


Known For: Croffle, Bread, Drinks


Known For: Chinese-French Desserts (e.g., Basque Lava Cheesecake, Earl Grey Portuguese Custard Tart)


Known For: Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese Egg Custard Tart)


Known For: French Cream Puffs


Known For: Creative Milkshakes


Known For: Everything Matcha


Known For: Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Compost Cookie, Layered Cakes


Known For: Gourmet Chocolate


Known For: Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie


Known For: Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

an assortment of other incredible cuisines


53 W 19th St, Flatiron

Spanish Tapas

What I love: paella de marisco (bomba rice, monkfish, sepia, squid, shrimp, clams, mussels, saffron, salsa verde), and gambas al ajillo (shrimp, garlic, brandy, lobster reduction, Guindilla pepper in olive oil)

Laser Wolf

97 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg

Israeli Cuisine


128 1st Ave, East Village

Hawaiian Cuisine


90 E 10th St, East Village

European Wine Bar

What I love: a cute wine bar with an extensive wine list (ordered a glass of riesling and it was light, crisp, and refreshing); all dishes were a hit: chicken liver agnolotti (little foie gras pasta pockets), pork chop with smoked onion jus (first time I had a pork chop that was not dry and tough, plus the smoked onion jus is to die for), crab and corn fritters, red shrimp with olive oil and garlic (served with a sourdough bread that I just love dunking in the fragrant oil with confit garlic), and of course you need to end the meal with the devil's food cake (decadent chocolate layer cake) 


60 Greenwich Ave, West Village

Indian Cuisine

What I love: gunpowder dosa (rice & lentil crepe, potato masala, sambar), goanese oxtail (angus oxtail, green cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, cilantro), mirchi ka salan (stuffed long peppers, sesame seeds, peanuts), dindigul biryani (goat, seeraga samba rice, garam masala, mint)


119 Delancey St, Lower East Side

Indian Cuisine

What I love: nalli biryani (slow braised lamb shank, basmati rice), nagaland pork (smoked pork tail, naga chili, axone), bombil fry (bombay duck, semolina, ginger), gurda kapoora (goat kidney & testicles, tomato, pao)

Pio Pio 8

604 10th Ave, Midtown West

Peruvian Cuisine

What I love: any of the combos with the mama juanita's rotisserie chicken (with french fries, avocado salad, served family style)


55 E 54th St, Midtown East

Greek Cuisine

Llama San

359 6th Ave, Greenwich Village

Japanese/Peruvian Cuisine


35 E 21st St, Flatiron

Mexican Cuisine

What I love: cornhusk meringue is probably their most iconic dish (and for good reason -- this dessert was perfectly balanced and not overly sweet, and had a very light, unique texture), epazote quesadillas (similar to a cheese empanada and was just so tasty)


63 Carmine St, West Village

Vegan Mexican Cuisine

What I love: crispy pescado (hemp and flax battered chayote, chipotle almond butter, and onion; blown away by all the flavors and can't believe it was all vegan!), grande nachos (our chorizo, refried beans, habanero queso, salsa verde, and sour cream)


372 Lafayette St, NoHo

Mexican Cuisine

El Vez

259 Vesey St, Battery Park

Mexican Cuisine

What I love: birria tacos (chile braised beef, queso mixto, consommé, cilantro & onion)


267 Columbus Ave, Upper West Side

Brazilian Cafe

What I love: açaí bowl (with homemade vegan granola and fruits), tapioca sandwiches (gluten-free!), pão de queijo (brazilian cheese bread)

La Parisienne

9 Maiden Ln, FiDi

French Cafe


87 MacDougal St, Greenwich Village

Seafood Restaurant

What I love: grilled oysters with green chartreuse hollandaise and fish & chips

1803 NYC

82 Reade St, Tribeca

Cajun-Creole Cuisine

Minetta Tavern

113 MacDougal St, Greenwich Village

French Cuisine


180 Prince St,  SoHo

French Bistro

What I love: Raoul's burger au poivre (with st andré cheese, cornichon & pommes frites)